markerstones for the millennium

Exhibiting poetry in Castle Field during Other Stones - Other Meanings


Over seven years Sites of Meaning employed a variety of artists, writers, photographers and other professionals. This page documents the main contributors. One of the aims of Sites of Meaning was to provide employment for both artists and local workers. Only members of the immediate local community, such as the Sites of Meaning team, gave their time freely.
Chris Bentley
A photographer specialising in quarries and landscape in Derbyshire. Chris undertook photography for many of the first stones; setting a high standard for other photographers to follow
Rose Butler
Artist and photographer who undertook the concluding InscribeNOW photographic residency, documenting Sites of Meaning on completion. The residency included workshops for visiting school children and a final touring exhibition of this work. Rose Butler
Paul Bristow
Youlgrave based dry stone wall builder who installed several Sites of Meaning stones.
Sallyann Carlin
A founder member of Sites of Meaning. An artist, working in arts and education, Sallyann's professional interest in text, image and context has critically informed many of the decisions and directions that Sites of Meaning has taken. Sallyann Carlin
Valerie Coffin-Price
Artist specialising in community and education projects. Based in Wales, Valerie carved her stone in the village playground before it was transferred to its site on Rowlow brook. Valerie Coffin-Price
Michael Colin
A founder member of Sites of Meaning who later moved from the village. Remembered for his enthusiasm and wit, typically encapsulated in his suggestion for the stone along the course of the Roman Road at site 12.
David Fine
Poet and novelist engaged extensively in education. During Other Stones - Other Meanings David worked with Youlgrave Primary School to help children produce poems later used in Sites of Meaning. David wrote the text used on the milestone at site 11. David Fine
Heritage Stoneworks
Stone company based at Stanton in the Derbyshire Peak District. Heritage Stoneworks undertook much of the production of stones such as sites 1, 4, 12 and 14. Heritage Stoneworks
Celia Kilner
Calligrapher and stone carver based in Holmfirth. Celia carved the first stone to be completed at site 13, setting a high standard for Sites of Meaning from the outset. She has produced further stones at sites 9 and 11.
Heidi Maher
Long standing Sites of Meaning team member with a comprehensive understanding of the parish and its people. Heidi has been instrumental in negotiating and installing many of the Sites of Meaning stones.
Peter Maris
Stone carver based in York. Peter has experience varying from sculpture restoration on York Minster to researching advanced stone cutting techniques at Leeds University. Peter designed and carved the last of the boundary stones to be completed near site 5.
Charles Monkhouse
A founder member of Sites of Meaning. An artist who works in the landscape, often on a vast scale and at night. Charles conceived the Sites of Meaning project and has been its team leader throughout. Charles Monkhouse
David Renwick
Farmer and dry stone wall builder who installed many of the Sites of Meaning stones.
Michael Steel
Stone mason based in Rowsley, Derbyshire. Michael worked directly on stones in the landscape, on the bridges over the river Bradford at sites 2 and 6.
Alice Ullathorne
An archaeologist working with the Peak District National Park Authority. Alice worked with the local community and primary school on Other Stones - Other Meanings, exploring the parish's past and generating inscriptions for future stones. Alice Ullathorne
Jamie Vans
Sculptor living and working in Gloucestershire. Conceived and created the stones at site 10.
Jamie Vans website Jamie Vans email
John Warren
A founder member of Sites of Meaning. A retired farmer with extensive knowledge of the parish and its people. John's knowledge helped identify and negotiate with other farmers and landowners whose co-operation was vital to the project.
Chris Webb
Wirksworth based photographer. Chris was involved in the documentation of Other Stones - Other Meanings: both the archaeological sites and the participating Youlgrave school children. Chris Webb
Andy Wood
Member of the Sites of Meaning team. Although joining the team towards the end of the project, Andy has contributed to its final stages devising the walkers and cyclist tours of the stones.
Amanda Wray
Wirksworth based sculptor and community artist. Amanda undertook the Middleton village sculpture residency working with children from Youlgrave school children to produce the stone at site 8. Amanda Wray
Emma Youatt
A founder member of Sites of Meaning who later moved from the village. As editor of the community newspaper, Emma was a vital link with the Middleton parishioners. The paper's name, the Bugle, is immortalised in the stone at site 14. Created SoM's first web site. Also maintains the Youlgrave Website. Youlgrave Website Emma Youatt
John Youatt
A founder member of Sites of Meaning, and in 1976 of Middleton and Smerrill PC. Worked as a planner with the Peak District National Park Authority before starting his own planning consultancy. John's professional experience was invaluable in the planning and execution of the project. John Youatt