markerstones for the millennium

The Bugle Stone at site 14, Cales Farm West

Reflection on site 14

Emma Youatt is a founder member of Sites of Meaning and was founder editor of The Bugle, the villages' newsletter. She got a message of goodwill from Professor Michael Dower, former National Park officer, Peak District. Included with it was a short poem by Michael based on the letters m.a.y. - the 3 villages - and b.u.g.l.e. As editor, Emma chose two lines of the poem for the site she had volunteered to sponsor. Emma regrets that the stone is not easily accessible - perhaps one day a hand gate could replace the stile, as has been done elsewhere in the 'Gateways' project?
The full text of the poem is
Why do these villages, Whose initials stand for May,
Have a newsletter called Bugle, and no-one has to pay?
Because they lie so Bright Under Green Limestone Edges,
with Queen Anne's lace and Cranesbill in their hedges,
and summer's rich with the smell of hay.